Redesigned HVAC fans show improved energy efficiency

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Redesigned HVAC fans show improved energy efficiency Fan manufacturer ebm-papst has developed a new version of its RadiPac centrifugal fan that offers increased energy efficiency and reduced noise levels compared with the previous model. These fans are specifically designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning equipment but will also be suitable in many other applications.

Available in sizes from 250 to 560mm, the complete units have been re-engineered to make these energy efficiency improvements — this included re-designing the inlet ring (the area where air enters the impeller) and a new impeller with unique blade geometry leading to higher efficiency, reduced weight and improved stability.

James Cooper, Product Manager at ebm-papst, says: “The results from the re-design of the RadiPac centrifugal fans have been impressive. Overall, the improvements have resulted in an efficiency increase of more than eight per cent, while the noise levels have been reduced by over 3 dB(A).

“The ‘plug and play’ aspect of the RadiPac centrifugal fans means they are easy to install. The motor and electronics are perfectly integrated and adjusted to one another, which means no commissioning, additional electronic filters or extra earthing cables are required during the installation. Moreover, the speed controls capability in EC motors means that the air performance of fans can be adapted and controlled to specific requirements without the need for external inverter drives and can lead to further energy savings.”



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