Metering system to improve accuracy of gas measurement data

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Metering system to improve accuracy of gas measurement dataHoneywell has launched a new RMG Gas Metering Management software and service solution to enable natural gas and measuring station operators to monitor operations on-site or remotely, provide data analysis and facilitate remote maintenance. The system is designed to reduce operational costs and improve the accuracy and reliability of measurements.

The RMG Gas Metering Management system supports both RMG by Honeywell and third-party measurement devices, allowing users to accurately determine the technical condition of all gas measurement devices in a metering station using a single software package. In addition, the ability to remotely access measuring devices simplifies planning and organisation, and can also reduce costs as it keeps station visits to a minimum.

“One of our goals in developing this new solution was to give customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best combination of measuring devices to meet their unique needs, regardless of the manufacturer,” said Frank Michels, general manager, RMG Gas Metering. “The RMG Gas Metering Management solution works seamlessly with both RMG and third-party measuring devices, so customers all over the world can create highly tailored solutions, but still monitor everything through one central, reliable system.”

Honeywell has already tested the system with prospective customers including Schwaben Netz in Germany. Michael Stoeckle, director of Gas Network Control at Schwaben Netz, said “We’re satisfied with our beta test of the Gas Metering Terminal module of the software. We’ve found it to be intuitive for our operators to use, as well as robust and stable. We plan on extending our use of the solution in our service department for quick and easy remote diagnosis, and expect a quick return on investment.”

The system employs a framework of gas metering management, analysis and terminal modules that can be installed without the need for customised code changes and are easily configured. Dynamic system displays allow for detailed schematic diagrams of the monitored station, and enable technical and accounting personnel to access and act upon current flow, pressure and temperature data and alarms in real-time.

18 September 2013

Honeywell Control Systems Ltdvisit website
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