Efficient hot water system for hotels, schools or sports centres

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Efficient hot water system for hotels, schools or sports centresAlfa Laval has added the new AquaEasy to its current range of hot water systems designed for controllable, straightforward supply of hot water in apartment blocks, hotels, schools, sports centres and similar buildings.

Compact, efficient and simple to operate, AquaEasy provides up to 350kW of capacity within a slim, space-saving silhouette which allows it to be either floor or wall-mounted or installed inside a cupboard.

AquaEasy can be connected to any kind of heating source on the primary side, whether conventional gas boiler, district heating network or a renewable energy source such as solar panels or a heat pump. A high-efficiency CB60 copper-brazed heat exchanger transfers energy from the primary to the secondary side, while a two or three-port thermostatic valve combines with a rapid response thermostat to provide quick and precise regulation of the water temperature. The unit's efficient insulation means that heat loss is minimised.

And AquaEasy can also be equipped with a secondary thermostat that acts as a failsafe and stops the flow of the primary hot water to the heat exchanger if it senses the temperature is too high or the main thermostat develops a fault.



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