Morgan Marine and G2 Energy link to solve renewables site issues

08 January 2016

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Morgan Marine and G2 Energy link to solve renewables site issuesRenewable energy infrastructure specialist G2 Energy and GRP and steel security enclosures manufacturer Morgan Marine have teamed up to provide a solution to some of the practical and logistical issues faced by installers on challenging renewable energy development sites.

With Morgan Marine’s Packaged Housing Solutions, and with G2 Energy installing all of the electrical equipment in their warehouse facilities pre-site delivery, this is seen as allowing a speedier and a more cost-effective build in harsh environmental conditions.

Morgan Marine and G2 design teams have collaborated to prepare approved designs with all of the UK distribution network operators (DNOs). The designs incorporate an integral floor, allowing the installation of all associated heating lighting and primary switchgear, all built in a controlled indoor environment ready for despatch to site as and when the development site is ready.

This approach minimises site activities and allows the units to be built far in advance of the site being ready so there is a swift installation and commissioning turnaround on site — often in less than a week. And where there are site access restrictions, Morgan Marine is able to deliver the enclosures in a flat pack format and arrange for assembly on site, with G2 then installing the electrical equipment on site.

Harsh environmental conditions

“By their nature, solar and wind energy sites tend to be in hard-to-reach rural locations, and often in the middle of a very muddy development field in harsh environmental conditions," said G2 Energy MD, Kelvin Ruck. “So installing the necessary equipment and sub-stations in these extreme circumstances holds unique challenges. The equipment is typically 33kV indoor electrical switchgear and following a traditional 'installation and build on-site' presents additional concerns. With Morgan Marine we are able to order the GRP enclosure and electrical equipment well in advance of the works programme, build the complete unit in a controlled environment and store the completed unit ready for despatch to site.

“Using Morgan Marine’s GRP containerised solutions means these substations can be built in a controlled, dry environment, then dispatched to site for a quick installation and commissioning phase."

Morgan Marine’s Commercial Director, Sue Paton (pictured), said: “Morgan Marine has been providing innovative housing solutions in GRP and steel to the utility and construction sectors since 1965, and we have supplied all the big names in the utilities, rail, nuclear and renewables industries. The renewables sector has enjoyed a real boom time in recent years and the needs of renewables clients are varied, since this has been such a fast-evolving industry, involving emerging science and technology.

“One of the most useful aspects of our GRP products is that they are flexible and because of our in-house design and engineering team we are able to refine our products to suit the specific needs of clients or the dictates of the site itself. We have been able to work closely with G2 Energy and with a number of Distribution Network Operators in order to precisely match their specifications.”



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