eBook addresses draft Energy Bill consultation

23 January 2013

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eBook addresses draft Energy Bill consultationCarbon monitoring software provider Optimal Monitoring has produced an eBook to address the importance of the DECC's UK draft Energy Bill consultation period, which is open until the end of this month.

Companies are being asked for ideas on how the Government can help businesses reduce their energy usage and therefore their cost. In response, Optimal Monitoring's guide addresses the opportunities the DECC consultation period presents for businesses to influence the Energy Bill.

Within the guide Optimal Monitoring also identifies three key areas which it feels need to be included in UK energy policy — easy and independent access to energy consumption data; help for all businesses to get a Display Energy Certificates (DECs); rewardng those who are already performing well and not just those who have improved.

"On 29th November 2012, John Hayes, the Energy Minister, published the Coalition's much anticipated UK draft Energy Bill, setting out the various measures that will be enforced to ensure the UK's switch to 'a low-carbon economy' — and to attract the £110 billion investment needed to keep up with the nation's rising demand for electricity," said Optimal Monitoring MD Duncan Everett.

Energy reduction element not finalised

"However, within the climate change bill the energy reduction element is by no means finalised, therefore the DECC has embarked on a consultation period, during which it is inviting ideas on how the UK government energy policy can help businesses reduce their energy and ultimately cost."

He said: "The best solutions are often the simplest, but these can also be the easiest to overlook. We have been presented with a valuable window of opportunity and we must ensure we act before it is too late — so don't miss the DECC's consultation deadline of January 31. We have the chance to finally encourage positive change and we would implore all businesses and landlords to get in touch with the DECC. Have your say before it's too late!"

Optimal Monitoring's full eBook is available on free download for free at info.optimalmonitoring.com/decc-consultation-the-time-is-now. But if you feel sufficiently inspired to get in touch with the DECC and would like some recommendations on how to respond, Optimal Monitoring has created three suggested emails - available at info.optimalmonitoring.com/decc-consultation.



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