BINDT validation for FLIR Systems' thermography courses

21 December 2012

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BINDT validation for FLIR Systems' thermography coursesLevel I and Level II thermography courses offered by FLIR Systems have been validated by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) against its minimum requirements for structured training of condition monitoring practitioners.

BINDT's aim is to promote and advance the science and practice of non-destructive testing, condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering and all other materials and quality testing disciplines, and FLIR has worked closely with the organisation with the aim of creating a quality standard in infrared training.

“We are delighted that our courses have been ratified by such an important industry body,” said Jon Willis FLIR Systems’ ITC Manager. “This achievement also gives industry the assurance that the training we provide is in compliance with ISO18436 requirements for the training and qualification of personnel.”

With its thermal imaging cameras extensively used to determine heat loss in buildings, FLIR Systems has long been a proponent of expert training — it not only ensures that the user gets the best return on the thermal imaging camera investment but also that application standards are upheld. For this purpose, the company created its Infrared Training Centre (ITC), an independent organisation that provides courses that range from foundation through to professional level.



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